‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ isn’t going anywhere: Will continue at Maratha Mandir from October 22 – Exclusive – Times of India

Come October 22 and the cinemas in Maharashtra will open. Fans of ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ were probably worried that the cinema’s Executive Director Manoj Desai had decided to pull it off- but no, nothing like that is happening. ‘DDLJ’ which clocks 26 years today will continue in its matinee show at Mumbai’s Maratha Mandir.

This evening, ETimes spoke to Desai, who sounded in good spirits after a long time- like his other counterparts, he too has suffered major losses post March 2020, no thanks to COVID. Desai told ETimes, “I am continuing ‘DDLJ’ in Maratha Mandir pehle jaisa hi (just like before).”

We reminded him about his reservations that he had expressed before, in fact, recently. He said, “I wouldn’t like to dwell on that. It’s all sorted.”

Does he expect a regular decent-to-good turnout for this movie like he had in the pre-COVID phase? “Well, a lot of questions will be answered in October-November-December. Does the public return to theatres for new films? Does the public stay glued to the OTT space? Nothing can be said for now, but let’s view everything with an optimistic lens for now,” he signed off.


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