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With KGF: Chapter 2, people beyond Karnataka will understand why Yash is called the Rocking Star, director Prashanth Neel said at the trailer launch of the film. The actor, who has become a pan-Indian name, speaks about surrendering to Prashanth’s vision, his plans, thought process and more, in a candid chat with us.

You surrendered yourself to this project for over half a decade. This also meant extra work in maintaining the look. It must have been a gamble that came with a lot of hard work…

It is part of my profession and out here, it was all about the vision and the cinema. No one is bigger than cinema and all of us are slaves of our vision. Once, you have a vision, you just dedicate all you have towards it. This is my belief system.

What does KGF mean to you?

What makes KGF special are the relationships I have gained. KGF is a vision and I would call it Karnataka’s wealth or pride.

What does the term pan-Indian star mean to you?

Pan-Indian star means that I have gained more love and support from different parts of the country.

Have you learnt anything from the character of Rocky Bhai in this journey?

We grow together. I would find it hard to pinpoint what exactly changed, but we change daily over time and this change could either affect the way I play a character or maybe the character itself is the reason for the change. As we progress in life, there will be changes. Whether they are good or bad and what we need to do depends on us.

Your confidence is seen as your trademark. Do you think that has been a key factor in your journey?

It is not just confidence, but also the hard work to back that confidence. If you are ready to dedicate that hard work and live towards working for that dream, then you can achieve anything.

Prashanth said you have transcended your usual work and have been a part of all departments. Tell us about your friendship and this working relationship…

I have done the same in all my films, but he is saying it because of his greatness and because he feels secure. I wouldn’t say there is anything great in what I have done. Instead of quantifying each one’s involvement, I would say it is his vision and world where I have enjoyed working as much in front of the camera as behind the screen. Our sole purpose was to entertain. As individuals, Prashanth and I share a great bond and I have immense respect for him. He is a great director. His abilities come from his understanding of life. He is clear with his thinking. I am very fond of him.

Yash is a complete package, who is known for action as much as dancing. Did you miss dancing in this film?

There are some characters who come with the scope for dancing and there are some who don’t. We do not need to force fit something. Eventually, when you give something genuine, which is entertaining, fans and audience will like it.

You’d mentioned in an acceptance speech about how you want to take Kannada cinema to the world. What have you planned next?

I want to do more good films and better things. Eventually, belief is what makes life. We need to have that and I have always maintained that when you stand firm with your beliefs, then everything progresses. I also believe we need not think that anything is ultimate. Yet, we need to believe that every step of ours is big and have that same conviction in every step.

You have also ensured your team has moved ahead with you…

Cinema happens with the hard work of many people. It is a false notion that a hero is the main reason. For me to do my work as an actor, there is an entire army of people who work behind the scenes and also, the sacrifices of my family. So, I wouldn’t say I take people with me, but it is more like we all moved ahead together.

Will one get to see you more often on screen?

I would make movies quicker and faster, but it depends on what kind of film it is and how fast everything will fall in place. But I can assure you that I never waste any time. I am always working. Cinema is always on my mind and it becomes our responsibility too. I am the sort who would be happiest if I was on the sets daily.

Finally, since the KGF journey is coming to a close, is your wife, Radhika, looking at another celebration when that bearded look is off like she did the last time?

She has given up. While she rejoiced last time, I had to again get into the look. I am also fond of the bearded look. Now, it will all depend on the character of my next film and what my future directors want from me.


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