SHOCKING: Karan Mehra accuses Nisha Rawal of having affair with ‘bhai’, who did her ‘Kanyadaan’ | People News

NEW DELHI: Popular television actor Karan Mehra has levelled some serious allegations on his estranged wife-actress Nisha Rawal. The actor, who became a household name with his show ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’, has accused Nisha of staying with another man, Rohit Sethia, in his 4BHK apartment. 

Karan held a press conference and fired accusations at her one after the other. He claimed that Nisha is having an extra marital affair and that she had physically assaulted him with the help of others. He also accused him of tarnishing her image further with her stint in Kangana Ranaut’s reality show ‘Lock Upp’.

During the press con, Karan accused Nisha of having an extra marital affair, since they are not divorced yet. He also claimed that Rohit was introduced to him as Nisha’s ‘muh bola bhai’ who even performed her ‘kanyadaan’ at their wedding. Karan Mehra said, “Nisha is staying with another man in my house, we have produced the proofs in the court and that is why I am talking here today. Nisha Rawal, who isn’t divorced yet, is having an extramarital affair. Rohit Sathia is her muh-bola bhai of 14 years, who also did her ‘kanyadaan’. I didn’t have proof back then, that’s why I didn’t say anything.”

Pinkvilla further quoted him to be saying, “Rohit is a chain smoker, consumes alcohol, gutka paan, which I have never done. He is staying at my house with Nisha and my little son is present in the same house, which is morally questionable on many levels. I never did this and as a father what can I do? That’s the reason I am fighting for the custody of my child. I have no access to my child. Rohit’s daughter ties rakhi to Kavish. Everyone (relatives) knows this and these two kids are involved, what will we tell them? I am fighting for the truth, I will go for it.”

Karan also accused Rohit of physically assaulting him during the pandemic, and throwing him out of the house. Responding to these accusations, Nisha said, “I am not commenting anything on it. I know he did a press conference, and I can’t keep countering every statement that he makes.”

Nisha had filed an FIR against Karan in May last year. The latter was also taken to custody, and was out on bail on the same day.


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