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As devotees worship Lord Ganesha, the enthusiasm across the nation can be felt in every ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya!’ chants. Not just on Ganesh Chaturthi but before every puja, Ganesha is revered countrywide. But did you know that, as per the Mudgala Purana (Hindu religious text dedicated to the Hindu deity Ganesha), Ganesha has eight different avatars?

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According to Hindu mythology, Ganesha is the deity of wisdom and prosperity. There are 108 different names for Ganesha. Learn the meanings of Lord Ganesha’s different names before this Ganesh Chaturthi:

1. Vakratunda

Ganesha’s first incarnation was Vakratunda, which is Sanskrit for “bent trunk”.  According to tradition, the demon Matsarasura was created as a result of Lord Indra’s pramaada (heedlessness). He along with his two sons Sundarpriya and Vishaypriya, conquered the three worlds and created havoc everywhere.

Upon being called, Lord Vakratunda came to the rescue of the world by killing both sons of Matsara. Looking at the mighty god, the demon surrendered and asked for forgiveness. The Lord forgave him and restored the three worlds.

2. Ekadanta

The asura, Chyavana, had a son, Mada, who was fond of madira or alcohol. Madasura expressed to his uncle Shukracharya that he desired to rule the world. Shukracharya then gave his nephew the Shakti Mantra “Hrim” encouraged by his ambition. He performed ‘Tapasya’ for thousand years invoking the goddess and received special powers from her. Madasura then started conquering the three worlds, which made the gods invoke Ekadanta. To fight the demon, Ekadanta arrived on Mooshik (mouse).  Madasura lost his courage at the sight of the strong god and surrendered, receiving Ekadanta’s forgiveness.

3. Mahodara

The third incarnation of Lord Ganesha was Mahodara, who defeated Mohasura, who is the demon of delusion and confusion. Once again, this demon had conquered all three worlds, creating havoc. The kings fervently prayed to the lord and Ganesha, pleased with the prayers,  said that he would personally destroy Mohasura. He tool up the form of Mahodra and met Mohasura. According to legends, instead of fighting with Mahodara, Mohasura sought forgiveness for his sins. Lord Mahodara forgave him but told him to go back to ‘Pataal Lok’ and never return again.


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4. Gajanana

Gajanana is the name of the elephant-faced avatar. Lord Ganesha chose this avatar to fight  ‘Lobha’, the demon of greed which was born out of Goddess Parvati’s curse and to free the world of greed.

5. Lambodara

Krodhasura, the demon of rage, was fought by Lord Ganesha in the form of Lambodara. This Ganesha image represents breaking the chains of wrath and liberating the world from it.

6. Vikata

When the gods and goddesses were being tormented by Kamsura, the demon of desire created from the seeds of Lord Vishnu, they prayed a lot, and eventually, this avatar of Lord Ganesha emerged, who controlled Kamasura.

7. Vighnaraj

Vighnaraj is one of Lord Ganesha’s most well-known incarnations and is regarded as the destroyer of all obstacles. Devotees trust that Lord Ganesha would direct us toward successful paths in this avatar.

8. Dhumravana

This Lord Ganesha avatar defeated Ahamkarasur, the demon of self-infatuation or ego (ahem).

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Celebrate this Ganesh Chaturthi with a whole lot of grandeur and pomp. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!


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