Exclusive: Sunil Pal gets teary-eyed remembering Raju Srivastava, says ‘It is a dark day for all of us…’ | People News

New Delhi: Raju Srivastava passed away in Delhi today after suffering a cardiac arrest last month. He was on a ventilator for many days and today, his family confirmed his death. Raju Srivastava, born on 25 December 1963, in Kanpur, India in a middle-class family. His father, Ramesh Chandra Srivastava, was a poet known as Balai Kaka.

Well-known comedian Sunil Pal, who was one of the participants in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge with Raju Srivastava exclusively talked to Zee News Digital and wished that today’s day never came.

Sunil and Raju were very close friends and the latter is now heartbroken with the demise of the iconic comedian. He said, “My beloved Raju bhai, I really wish that today’s day would have never come. I am shattered completely. You were on a ventilator for 40 days, who were fighting between life and death and we were praying for a miracle every single day.”

“It is a dark day for us all, all the comedians, your families, fans; everyone. We have always seen you laughing, singing, dancing, having fun and I just cannot believe that you are no more with us. I wish it was a rumour, I still wish there happens a miracle and you are still alive.,” he added.

Raju was a good mimic and always wanted to become a comedian. He ventured into stand-up comedy with the talent show ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ and finished as second runner-up. Later, he took part in the spin-off, ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge – Champions’, in which he won the title of ‘The King of Comedy.’

Raju suffered a cardiac arrest while working out at his gym and was rushed to AIIMS, Delhi where he was given CPR and revived last month. His family broke out the news that the comedian is no more.


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