Bigg Boss 16, Day 57 Updates: Shiv chooses Nimrit over Tina as the new captain, ‘Uttaran’ actress is pissed! | Television News

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 16, today’s episode was all about Tina, Shiv and of course Nimrit. Shiv betrayed Tina by choosing Nimrit as the new captain and Tina is super pissed. Priyanka, Archana and Soundarya support Tina but the ‘Uttaran’ actress is so furious that none of it really matters.

Tina, Shiv and Nimrit get into an ugly fight where the actress calls the other 2 as ‘frauds.’ Tina even says that, ‘Shiv kisi ka saga nahi hai…’

Except for Nimrit’s friends, all others decide to go against the new captain, to not work and sleep all day. Nimrit on the other hand is upset over Tina’s behaviour, says ‘if she is a friend, why is she upset if I am the new captain…?’ She even says that Tina uses the people around her and has used Nimi too.

Tina even cut her birthday cake in the confession room only with Bigg Boss as she does not want to share it with anyone, she claims that no one in the house is her friend. She regrets her decision of trusting Shiv and also says that Nimrit is using her friends in the house and is fake.

Then begins the nomination task but no favourites benefits are there this time. This week, Sumbul, Sajid, Shalin, Priyanka, Tina and MC Stan are nominated.

Sajid, Shiv, Stan, Abdu, Sumbul and Nimrit are all upset over Tina’s behaviour. Archana, Priyanka are upset about her refusing the cake.

Sajid says that Tina has no value in the outside world, it is only Sumbul and Nimrit’s era and her show is old news. Tina on the other hand cries in her room as she realised that no one is her friend, no one checked on her the whole day. She remembers what her friend and former Bigg Boss contestant Aashka Goradia had said that ‘no one in the house is your friend and nothing is permanent…’


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