Sameera Reddy recalls the time when everybody was getting plastic surgery done; says she is grateful to God that she didn’t – Times of India

Sameera Reddy recently recalled the phase in the film industry when everybody around was getting corrective surgeries done. Although the actress admitted that she was tempted to do so, she is grateful to God that she didn’t.
Spilling some beans about the same, Sameera said that about 10 years ago everybody around her was getting plastic surgery, boob jobs, changing their nose or bone structure. The actress remembered that she had to always pad her chest and was told to get a boob job done. Many times, she would think about doing it and wondered if it was normal because it was so openly spoken about. As an actor, she questioned if she had to do it. However, today, she is grateful to God that she didn’t as she feels she wouldn’t have been comfortable about it.

Sameera, at the same time, also added that today the perception about it has changed. According to her, it is an individual choice. If it makes somebody happy then nobody should judge them, the actress told Mid Day.

Sameera might be away from the silver screen but she is definitely slaying it on social media. From flaunting her flabs to showing off her grey hair, her social media account is said to be a welcoming space from the otherwise pretentious virtual world.

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