Suniel Shetty appears in Shehnaaz Gill’s talk show, reveals how he became ‘Anna’ to all – Times of India

Actors are often called by their nicknames in close circles. For instance, Anna is synonymous with Suniel Shetty. Infact, The popular actor loves it when someone calls him Anna. “I absolutely love it when someone calls me Anna instead of Suniel. It means elder brother and they say it out of respect. It only shows you how strongly people love you.” Suniel Shetty’s character in the film ‘Fight Club’ was also Anna. So, you can imagine how popular his nickname is.
But do you know how Suniel Shetty became known as ‘Anna’? Well, during a recent appearance at Shehnaaz Gill’s popular talk show the celebrated actor finally revealed the story behind his nickname Anna. Going down memory lane, Suniel Shetty shared that Amitabh Bachchan and Sanjay Dutt started the trend of calling him ‘Anna (Brother)’. The trio was shooting for ‘Kaante’ in Loss Angeles, and back then some of his staffs used to call him Anna. Then, Sanjay Dutt started this and called Suniel Shetty Anna. That’s how it all started.

Suniel Shetty who’s happy with the tag of ‘action hero’ came to Shehnaaz Gill’s show to promote her upcoming web series ‘Hunter: Tootega Nahi Todega’. Apart from sharing his life story and unheard stories from his career, the celebrated also advised Shehnaaz not to venture into business since she has already become a brand. Instead, Suniel said Shehnaaz should now focus on her acting career.

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