Sonam Bajwa reveals she refused Bollywood films because of the stigma associated with kissing scenes in Punjabi culture | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Sonam Bajwa recently revealed in an interview that she had declined Bollywood offers because she was concerned about how the Punjabi audience would respond. Sonam admitted that she turned down a movie which included kissing scenes because she didn’t want to disappoint anyone, especially her family.
Sonam Bajwa made her acting debut in Punjabi cinema in 2013 with the film Best Of Luck, and since then, she has grown to become one of the industry’s most loved celebrities. This July, the actor will complete ten years in the industry.
Sonam clarified in an interview that she said no to Bollywood offers as she wasn’t sure. “I said no to a couple of things because I said, ‘Is Punjab going to be okay with it?’ Because we have that mentality that families should be okay, families should be watching.”
She went on to say that she was very scared to do a kissing scene in a film earlier, because she was concerned about how people were going to respond to it. “How will these people, who’ve made me who I am, respond to it? Is my family going to understand that this is for a film?” she added.
Sonam claimed that, in retrospect, she should have given those offers more thought before declining them. “It was a couple of years ago, I spoke to my mom and dad about it. They were like, ‘Yes, if it’s for a film, it’s fine.’ And I was so shocked. Why didn’t I speak to them first?” She had assumed stuff and was shy to discuss it with her parents, and they were like, ‘

Koi nahi, je film liya, koi chakkar ni

(It’s for a film, there’s no problem)’.”
Although Sonam said she can see Punjabi audiences changing, families continue to make up the bulk of the audience. According to her, this has inhibited the Punjabi industry from experimenting with genres and can be discouraging for actors who want to attempt new things.

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