Sunny Deol and Aamir Khan’s movie offered Rs 95 crore by an OTT giant: Report – Times of India

Sunny Deol‘s ‘Gadar 2’ broke the record set by Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathaan‘ to become the highest-earning Hindi film in India and is inching towards ‘Jawan‘.
As per the latest report, Deol is gearing up for his next film which is produced by Aamir Khan. According to Zoom, an OTT giant has offered Rs 95 crore to the makers for the film’s exclusive rights. Looks like the massive success of Gadar 2 has added to Sunny Deol‘s popularity. The film’s shoot has also not begun and Sunny Deol is reportedly yet to give his nod and finalise the dates. The report further stated that the shooting might begin next year, which is 2024. And Rajkumar Santoshi will helm this entertainer starring Sunny Deol in the lead. Aamir Khan and Sunny Deol are reportedly planning to announceme their grand collaboration on October 19.
Sunny Deol was hailed for his action in Gadar. Sharing his thoughts on the same, the actor had told BT, “In our time, we didn’t have all these gadgets and VFX. We would fall and get hurt. I have suffered multiple injuries and gone through back surgeries. Today, we are copying everyone, we are not creating our own action. Earlier, we would ourselves be involved in our action scenes, and be a part of creating the action scene. The action today has become too gimmicky, yes, it might look good on screen, but earlier there was a certain beauty to it, which has been destroyed. I have nothing against what people are doing, and if the audience is connecting with it, maybe the action is working fine.”

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