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Jaideep Ahlawat has proved his mettle as an actor in the industry through his choices of films and performances over the years. He is now all set to lend his voice to one of the most loved characters in Marvel.
The actor has joined forces with a podcast app to churn out Marvel Wastelanders: Hawkeyewhere he has lent his voice to the iconic Marvel character Hawkeye.Talking about what attracted him to theaudio series, he told News18 that it is the imaginary world that lured him in. According to him, he has never done that before and it was something new, something challenging and something to explore within an actor which is very different from the audio visual medium of film-making.

Jaideep also spoke about lending his voice to Hawkeye. According to him, he is the most loved character in the Marvel universe. And he loved doing it. The actor added that it is a good feeling and that he tried to make it as believable as possible with just his voice and by syncing himself to the story of that world as to what they are.

The Marvels – Official Trailer

When asked if he was a Marvel fan, Ahlawat added that he wouldn’t consider himself a fan but he admitted that he does love watching them sometimes. According to him, it’s a very difficult job to create a world with just your voice. Unlike films or any other audio visual mediums, you have references, you have things that support you. However, here he was creating a world with his voice which is very difficult but very enjoyable.

Jaideep also went on to say that the audience worldwide still talks about the taste of audio storytelling. He is sure that India has a very big market for that since we have an audience that is still connected to audio visual mediums. So according to him, audio storytelling is something new that will eventually find it’s audience and people would love it.

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