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Darsheel Safary, the actor known for his role in “Taare Zameen Par,” said that newfound recognition made it challenging for him to have typical teenage experiences. This, in turn, played a pivotal role in his choice to take a decade-long break from the film industry. The overwhelming changes brought about by the critical and commercial success of “Taare Zameen Par” influenced Darsheel’s decision to step away from the spotlight for a considerable period.

Appearing on the Pop Talkspodcast, Darsheel revealed that his grandmother developed a sense of paranoia about him being kidnapped after the film’s success.

The actor explained that his life became quite chaotic during that period, and the situation was genuinely frightening. The immense popularity and recognition he gained from the film brought unexpected challenges, particularly the concern for his safety that his grandmother experienced, adding a layer of complexity to his life post the success of “Taare Zameen Par.”
Darsheel Safary expressed how, as an actor, an invisible barrier forms around you, creating a noticeable distance in relationships, be it with friends or family. He described this barrier as the reason actors may appear distant, with people hesitating before approaching them.
After the release of “Taare Zameen Par,” Darsheel recounted going to school and experiencing overwhelming attention. His everyday experiences, such as playing cricket in the neighborhood or going to the school canteen, became challenging due to the mobbing. The sudden and chaotic shift in his social dynamics left him unable to comprehend the situation. The actor vividly recalled the school premises being filled with students eager to catch a glimpse of him, making ordinary activities a thing of the past.

The actor shared the frightening aspect of his sudden fame, particularly in how his grandmother reacted to it. He recounted how his grandmother would urge his dad to protect him, expressing a deep concern for his safety as if his life was under threat. Darsheel admitted that he actively avoided such conversations as they brought up discussions about potential dangers like kidnapping.

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The actor, who desired a sense of freedom, found himself confronted with fears and concerns that were unsettling. The formation of mobs, people pulling him, and the overwhelming attention became genuinely scary. Even today, the impact of those fears persists, with his mother checking on him every hour as a deeply ingrained habit born out of those anxieties surrounding his safety during the peak of his fame.

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