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SEVENTEEN recently achieved a groundbreaking feat as the first K-pop artists to participate in the UNESCO Youth Forum in Paris, France. The event took place on November 14 at the UNESCO Headquarters, where SEVENTEEN members Seungkwan, Jun, Woozi, Mingyu, Joshua, and Vernon shared inspiring speeches and performed some of their popular songs to spread a positive message.

Seungkwan, the first speaker, spoke about the special connection his hometown, Jeju Island, has with UNESCO. He highlighted that Jeju Island holds the unique honor of being recognized as a Biosphere Reserve, a Natural World Heritage site, and a Global Geopark. Seungkwan shared his personal journey, emphasizing that the little boy who dreamed big on that World Heritage island was now standing at the UNESCO headquarters.

Next on the stage was Jun, who talked about the group’s strong bond and friendship. Despite the initial distance between them, he expressed how they overcame challenges and became a close-knit team. Jun emphasized that while they might not be perfect as individuals, together, they form the best team known as SEVENTEEN.
Woozi, another member, discussed the group’s path to success. He mentioned that their journey wasn’t easy, but the enjoyment came from spending time together and sharing their passions. Woozi highlighted each member’s strengths in vocals, performance, and hip hop, emphasizing how SEVENTEEN’s identity evolved as they learned from each other.

Mingyu took the stage to talk about SEVENTEEN’s philanthropic efforts. He shared how the group made meaningful donations from their earnings, including gifting 13 goats to children in Tanzania. Mingyu read a touching letter from the children expressing gratitude and determination to pursue their dreams. He emphasized the importance of supporting young people worldwide in their aspirations.
Joshua spoke about SEVENTEEN’s collaboration with the Korean National Commission for UNESCO and the #GoingTogether campaign. This campaign aims to raise awareness about the significance of education, and Joshua expressed gratitude to their fans, CARATs, for their support. He hoped that their actions through UNESCO would inspire young people globally.
Vernon concluded the session by introducing the songs performed at the youth forum, sharing lyrics that conveyed messages of unity, courage, and optimism. He expressed the hope that their stories and music would resonate with the audience, thanking everyone for the opportunity.
SEVENTEEN’s participation in the UNESCO Youth Forum marked a historic moment for K-pop, showcasing not only their musical talent but also their commitment to meaningful causes and inspiring messages.
You can watch SEVENTEEN’s speeches and performances from the UNESCO Youth Forum below:

SEVENTEEN and Youth: Music performances, messages, and SEVENTEEN’s engagement with youth

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