BLACKPINK’S Rosé shares an insight on mental health at The APEC Leaders’ Week; addresses the feeling of loneliness | K-pop Movie News – Times of India

Rosé from the famous K-pop group BLACKPINK recently shared her thoughts on mental health at the 2023 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders’ Week in San Francisco. She was invited to speak during the APEC Mental Health Talk segment by the US First Lady, Jill Biden.
During the event, Rosé opened up about her own struggles with insecurities. Despite her success and talent, she shared that she often feels like no matter how hard she works, some people still criticise her efforts.This feeling of never being enough can lead to loneliness, she said. Rosé bravely discussed her personal challenges, emphasising that it’s okay to talk about not feeling okay.
Jill Biden introduced Rosé as a young woman with incredible talent and courage, recognising her as a global superstar. Rosé highlighted the importance of self-worth and how it’s influenced by what keeps us grounded. She emphasised that talking openly about mental health is not normalised enough and stressed the key role communication plays in achieving better mental health.
As BLACKPINK’s future hangs in the balance with the expiration of their contract with YG Entertainment, rumours have circulated about the members’ potential solo careers and ventures. Lisa has reportedly received offers from various global agencies, while speculation surrounds Jisoo and Jennie establishing their own agencies. Rosé, on the other hand, might continue with YG Entertainment, but nothing has been officially confirmed, as negotiations are still ongoing.
BLACKPINK has not only made waves in the music industry but has also become an influential fashion icon and global influencer. With their dedicated international fanbase, fans are eagerly awaiting the next steps for the group. As they go through this uncertain period, Rosé’s powerful speech on mental health adds a personal touch, resonating with fans and emphasising the importance of open communication about mental well-being.

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