Neha Sharma says she got replaced in a film suddenly by an influencer, here’s why | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

The Sharma sisters – Neha and Aisha Sharma are always making heads turn with their presence on social media. While they’ve got a huge fan following on social media, Neha recently recalled a time when she was replaced in a movie. The actress said that in an interview that everything was going quite smooth and she was suddenly removed from a film.
She said that in an interview with News18 that an influencer replaced her in that movie.Neha was testing for the part and did some readings. She also got along with the whole team. She fit the part and everything was right. That’s when suddenly she got a call saying that it’s not happening. The reason that she was given is that the influencer was taken in the movie because she had millions and millions of followers.
This made Neha voice her belief that being cast in a film should be based on talent and acting ability, and not social media popularity. She further opined that an actor’s skillset cannot weigh more than the size of someone’s followers on Instagram while making casting decisions.
However, this is the current trend and Neha said that some film producers feel that leveraging the existing audience of an influencer can drive people to theatres. She further desired and hoped for some authentic casting.
Neha was last seen in Jogira Sara Ra Ra with Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

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