Fan says Lee Dong Wook’s ‘Single In Seoul’ fan service has Cillian Murphy vibes – Times of India

South Korean heartthrob Lee Dong Wook made headlines once again as he graced the event for the premiere of his latest film, ‘Single in Seoul’, alongside co-star Im Soo Jung. The actor’s interaction with fans during the opening of the romantic comedy garnered attention for its nonchalant yet endearing nature.
Lee Dong Wook, known for his role in ‘Bad and Crazy’, accepted gifts from fans and even took a Polaroid photo with a lucky attendee, all while maintaining a laid-back demeanour.Despite the actor’s casual approach, netizens didn’t criticize him; instead, they playfully trolled the star for his relaxed response to the public.

In a separate video circulating among fans, it was suggested that Lee Dong Wook’s decision to stop accepting gifts may be linked to his desire to let his co-stars shine in the spotlight. Interestingly, some netizens drew parallels between Lee Dong Wook’s off-camera persona and that of Irish actor Cillian Murphy, appreciating both for their genuine personalities behind the scenes.
‘Single in Seoul’, directed by Park Bum Soo, explores the romantic journey of two contrasting individuals united by a shared project. Lee Dong Wook portrays Park Young Ho, an influencer content with singlehood until he crosses paths with Im Soo Jung’s character, Joo Hyun Jin, a successful publisher with a different perspective on solitude. The rom-com, officially released on November 29, features a stellar cast including Esom, Lee Sang Yi, and others in supporting roles.
Looking ahead, 2024 promises to be a busy year for Lee Dong Wook, as he headlines two upcoming K-dramas. Following the success of ‘Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938’, the actor will star in the thriller comedy series ‘The Good Man’ alongside Lee Sung Kyung. Additionally, he is set to lead ‘The Killer’s Shopping Mall’ with ‘Kingdom’ actress Kim Hye Joon, ensuring his continued presence in the Korean entertainment scene.

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