‘Vishwatma’ actor Sonam Khan talks about her comeback in Bollywood; says ‘I am very interested in doing OTT’ | – Times of India

‘Tridev’ and ‘Vishwatma‘ actress reveals that wants to resume work in the industry. She added that she wants to reach out to the newer generations, preferably, through a web series.
In conversation with PTI, Sonam said, “The reason I came back was to do OTT. I don’t have a problem if someone doesn’t recognise me… I am here to tell everybody that I was here before, I am here now and will always be here.That’s one of the reasons I want to make a comeback. Comeback is not a bad word, so, why not?”

Being an avid Instagram user, she finds social media to be a valuable platform for professional purposes. She became a part of the popular app in December 2022.

“Instagram is a very good platform where work is concerned. You are out there without actually being out there. People can see you… It’s important to be very real on Instagram. It’s a great opportunity for someone like me who wants to start working again,” she added.

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Vishwatma, directed by Rajiv Rai, marked its 32nd anniversary recently, and the actor reflected on the enjoyable experience of working on the film. This action thriller, shot in Kenya, featured a star-studded cast including Sunny Deol, Naseeruddin Shah, Chunky Pandey, Divya Bharti, Jyostna Singh, and Amrish Puri.
The actor fondly recalled, “Vishwatma holds a special place in my memories because it was the last movie I officially signed. I made a commitment to complete all the ongoing projects before taking up any new ones. Our shoot in Nairobi, Kenya, allowed us to explore various locations, and it felt like one big, happy family. I developed a close bond with Divya during that time.”
“We worked, traveled, and shared jokes together, creating a fantastic working environment. Naseer saab exuded grace in every way. Chunky was, and still is, a friend. Sunny Deol displayed dignity, kindness, and care. We also had a shooting schedule in Mombasa, where I was pleasantly surprised to discover a sizable Indian community. They were incredibly enthusiastic about the filming, and it turned out to be a lot of fun,” she added.

During the filming of the successful Hindi film, Sonam reminisced about a moment when Amrish Puri, essaying the role of the feared gangster Ajgar Jurrat, came to her aid. She said, “As there was a small gap in the shoots, I and other artists had gone to attend a function and I twisted my ankle very badly. Amrish Puri ji picked me up in his arms and he carried me back to the hotel like that. Nonetheless, the shooting was cancelled. He was like a real-life hero. Whatever you see on screen, he was nothing like that. May he rest in peace. He was jovial, he commanded the screen but off screen he was a gentle and kind soul. He was not the Mogambo or Ajgar Jurrat.”
Sonam reflected on the ’90s as a distinct era, almost like “magic,” especially when comparing it to navigating social media today. “In those days, there was a lot of one-on-one interaction. Our communication relied on landlines, and photographers would capture moments on set. Now, we have the paparazzi phenomenon. We didn’t have detailed scripts; one day, we were informed about a scene, but there was no assurance that it would actually happen. The director might suddenly decide to shoot something else. Nothing was as meticulously planned as it is today,” she remarked.
Sonam Khan entered the Hindi film industry with her debut in Yash Chopra‘s ‘Vijay’ in 1988 but took leave from the movies after ‘Insaniyat’ in 1994. Presently, she is eagerly anticipating her comeback in a streaming project.

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