Emcee Agranshu’s Music Video “Pehle” Garners Acclaim Post-Release

Pehle MV Poster

India, May 28, 2024 – Emcee Agranshu, a leading voice in the Indian hip-hop scene, has released the official music video for his latest single, “Pehle,” to widespread acclaim. The video, which premiered on Emcee Agranshu’s YouTube channel on May 22, 2024, has already captivated audiences with its poignant storytelling and high production quality.

Audio Credits:

  • Written & Performed By: Emcee Agranshu
  • Music Produced By: Resonix

Video Credits:

  • Director: Adywise
  • Co-Director: Agranshu Deep
  • Assistant: Saurabh
  • Line Producer: Ayush Singh
  • Female Lead: Garima Sarma
  • Cast: Aarzoo Gaba & Deepak
  • Production: DHE Studio
  • Makeup: Nitya Gupta
  • Special Thanks: Aarzoo Gaba & Ankush Dedha
  • Thumbnail & Poster: itskdesigns

“Pehle” is a reflective track that delves into Emcee Agranshu’s journey of growth and transformation. With Resonix’s innovative production and Emcee Agranshu’s powerful lyrics, the song has struck a chord with listeners. The music video, directed by Adywise and co-directed by Agranshu Deep, further enhances the song’s impact with its compelling visuals and narrative.

Featuring Garima Sarma as the female lead and noteworthy performances by Aarzoo Gaba and Deepak, the video has been praised for its high production values. Produced by DHE Studio, with makeup by Nitya Gupta, the video ensures a visually stunning experience. The eye-catching thumbnail and poster, created by itskdesigns, perfectly encapsulate the essence of the video.

The release of “Pehle” has been met with enthusiasm and praise from fans and critics alike. Special thanks are extended to Aarzoo Gaba and Ankush Dedha for their significant contributions to the project.

Watch the “Pehle” Music Video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/V1HYVStHsuk?si=XkYYhAJTfPSUdkzw


About Emcee Agranshu: Emcee Agranshu is a dynamic rapper and songwriter based in India, known for his thought-provoking lyrics and distinctive style. His music often explores themes of personal growth, societal issues, and self-reflection, earning him a dedicated following in the Indian hip-hop community.

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