Bigg Boss 16 preview

Bigg Boss 16 Shanivaar ka Vaar: Abdu Rozik makes a shocking exit; Shiv and other ‘mandli’ members burst into tears! | Television News

January 14, 2023

[ad_1] New Delhi: Tonight, the contestants of COLORS ‘Bigg Boss 16’ get a reality check from the renowned news anchor Dibang and the popular producer Sandiip Sikcand who have a robust line of questions ready.  After the festive joys and surprises in the previous episode, ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ captures housemates defending the allegations levelled at them. […]

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Bigg Boss 16 episode preview: Family members invited to Salman Khan’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar,’ host to school Archana and MC Stan | Television News

January 7, 2023

[ad_1] New Delhi: In the upcoming episode ‘Bigg Boss 16’, family members of the housemates would be seen in a discussion with the show’s host Salman Khan in the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode. Before the discussion with the family, Salman will be seen addressing the issues between MC Stan and Archana Gautam.   […]

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Bigg Boss 16 episode preview: Will Priyanka Chahar Choudhary finally earn captaincy? Watch the episode tonight | Television News

January 3, 2023

[ad_1] New Delhi: After bringing in 2023 with fanfare and celebrations, COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss 16’ witnesses a fresh fervour for captaincy contended by MC Stan, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Abdu Rozik, and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary.  The captaincy task involves non-contenders catching balls that drop from three slides built in the garden area and placing them in baskets […]

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Bigg Boss 16 episode preview: Discussion on Shalin-Tina’s relationship, Archana-Sreejita’s verbal spat, nominations drill, and a lot more today! | Television News

January 2, 2023

[ad_1] New Delhi: The biggest bone of contention in COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss 16’ is who carries out their chores most diligently. Revisiting the issue, contestants Sreejita De and Archana Gautam have a verbal spat. It all begins with Archana complaining to the cameras of the house that Sreejita doesn’t pull off her duties properly. Sreejita returns […]

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Bigg Boss 16 episode preview: Contestants kick-start 2023 with rappers Ikka, Seedhe Maut and MC Stan | Television News

January 1, 2023

[ad_1] New Delhi: Bigg Boss 16 is keeping true to its theme this season as the master of the house is playing well along with the house members. To mark a majestic beginning of the new year, for the first time in the history of Bigg Boss ever, viewers will witness a live rap concert when […]

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Bigg Boss 16 episode preview: Salman Khan’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ brings a blitzkrieg of reality checks! | Television News

December 30, 2022

[ad_1] New Delhi: The shockers on Dabangg host Salman Khan’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ on COLORS ‘Bigg Boss 16’ are unmissable. The episode witnesses’ housemates being punished for their sins through a task called ‘Paap Ka Ghada’. The housemates must confess who has sinned the most in the house according to them. The one they pick must […]

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Bigg Boss 16 episode preview: ‘Janta’ to decide who will be the next captain of the house, Vikkas indulges in ugly fight with Archana, Sumbul! | Television News

December 27, 2022

[ad_1] New Delhi: Writing a game-changing page in history, COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss 16’ establishes democracy by inviting fans of the show to vote for the captain of their choice for the first time. The master of the house picks housemates Shiv Thakare, MC Stan, and Abdu Rozik as the candidates who are contesting an election against […]

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‘Bigg Boss 16’ episode preview: Vicky Kaushal and Kiara Advani turn RJs on ‘Weekend Ka Vaar,’ Shalin-Tina to have a romantic dance! | Television News

December 16, 2022

[ad_1] New Delhi: Viewers across the country wait with bated breath for the twists and shockers of Weekend Ka Vaar on COLORS ‘Bigg Boss 16’. While what it has in store for the housemates and viewers continues to be a mystery, Dabangg host Salman Khan welcomes ‘Govinda Naam Mera’ stars Vicky Kaushal and Kiara Advani on […]

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Bigg Boss 16 Episode Preview: Magical library inside reality show, Tina Datta gets THIS power! | Television News

December 15, 2022

[ad_1] New Delhi: Drama over food escalates to an entirely new level in COLORS ‘Bigg Boss 16’ as a huge fight breaks out between Archana Gautam and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, who are known as friends that bicker often. It all started with Priyanka kneading a separate dough for herself and Ankit because she didn’t want […]

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Bigg Boss 16 Episode Preview: Salman Khan to bash the housemates, Vikkas Manaktala to enter as wild card! | Television News

December 9, 2022

[ad_1] New Delhi: Friday starts with some dose of Salman Khan’s reality check, as he questions Tina and Sajid on their behaviour in the house. Besides imparting some wisdom to these housemates, Khan also introduces the second wildcard contestant of this season, popular television actor Vikkas Manaktala. As the viewers got a glimpse into the […]

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