Bigg Boss 16 Sumbul

Bigg Boss 16: Sumbul Touqeer Khan Bids an Emotional Farewell to the House | Television News

February 5, 2023

[ad_1] New Delhi: After the last round of nominations that happened on COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss 16’, viewers waited with bated breath to know who gets evicted from India’s most loved reality show. For close to a week there was an aura of anxiety and finality in the house as the strongest contestants including Shiv Thakare, MC […]

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Bigg Boss 16, Weekend Ka Vaar Updates: Karan Johar School Archana Over the Recent Task, Sumbul gets Evicted | Television News

February 4, 2023

[ad_1] New Delhi: As the finale nears, the hunger to win intensifies among the housemates of COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss 16’. Following the last nomination and captaincy task, the finalists of the season arrive at the last ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ hosted by one of the biggest stars of entertainment, Karan Johar.  Tonight’s episode is replete with reality […]

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Bigg Boss 16 Day 99 updates: Shekhar Suman takes a dig at Tina Datta, ‘mandli’ corners Sumbul for talking to Shalin | Television News

January 8, 2023

[ad_1] New Delhi: It’s that exciting and nerve-racking time of the week when the report cards of contestants are presented on COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss 16’ through ‘Bigg Bulletin with Shekhar Suman’. The segment features the hilarious plight of the cameras working 24/7 to capture the drama and fights in the house. No mudda is spared during […]

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Queen Sumbul’s reign begins as she becomes the new captain, fans are excited! | Television News

December 13, 2022

[ad_1] New Delhi: Last night’s Bigg Boss episode had quite a treat for actress Sumbul Touqeer’s fans. Not only did she become a captain, but she also had a frank talk with her friends in the house and strengthened her relationship with them. As far as the captaincy task goes, Bigg Boss makes Shalin sit […]

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Tina teams up with Sumbul to play victim card, Shalin and ‘Imlie’ star fans can’t stop laughing! | Television News

December 13, 2022

[ad_1] New Delhi: Tina Datta definitely seems to have taken the phrase, Keep your friends close but enemies closer way too seriously. In recent development, after her re-entry, when Tina walked into the house, she’d expected sympathy but I’m sure is rather surprised with the new friendships, Shalin has been building inside the house.  In […]

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‘I’d be upset if he did press the buzzer…,’ Angad Hasija on Shalin’s decision making in ‘BB 16’ | Television News

December 10, 2022

[ad_1] New Delhi: Rumor mills are abuzz with the news that Tina’s eviction was partly due to Shalin Bhanot’s decision.  While there are some fans who ship the two together & are calling out Shalin, the majority of fans are rooting for Shalin for finally doing the right thing. Tina Datta received a lot of flak […]

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Bigg Boss 16: Priyanka, Shalin team up against Sumbul in captaincy task- WATCH | Television News

December 5, 2022

[ad_1] New Delhi: In the upcoming episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’, Shalin Bhanot and Priyanka Choudhary will be seen teaming against Sumbul Touqeer during a captaincy task in the controversial reality show. A promo shared by the channel on Instagram, Priyanka and Shalin decide to make Ankit Gupta the new captain. When the […]

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Bigg Boss 16: Fans pour in massive love for Shalin Bhanot, say Sumbul has ‘DADDY’ issues | Television News

November 25, 2022

[ad_1] New Delhi: Yet another week where Shalin Bhanot has been making headlines, albeit this time for something unpleasant. The actor had yet another breakdown at the hands of Sumbul’s father who under the pretext of ill health got an opportunity to speak to his daughter and advised her to go against Shalin and bad-mouthed him.  […]

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Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Kushal Tandon is unhappy with this season, read on to know why | Television News

November 22, 2022

[ad_1] New Delhi: Bigg Boss season 16 has been topping the headline since the show premiered. For a couple of reasons, the show has been the talk of the town. One prime reason is Sumbul Touqeer Khan’s father who has been maligning Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot’s image on national television. Where the game has […]

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Sumbul Touqeer’s father breaks silence on Salman Khan’s obsession charges, says ‘She sees Shalin Bhanot as..’ | Television News

November 21, 2022

[ad_1] New Delhi: In the recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 16, Salman Khan schooled Sumbul and Shalin. The actor said that the 19-year-old actress is ‘obsessed’ with Shalin Bhanot and on this, Sumbul’s father has finally broken his silence. Soon after Shalin and MC Stan had a fight on Bigg Boss 16 last […]

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