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From Love Haze To Next On Deck: India’s Modern Dating Dictionary | Relationships News

February 26, 2023

Dating apps: Indian Tinder users swear by this glossary of love languages. The App has understood the always changing dating jargon in collaboration with one of the biggest youth culture companies in India, Under 25, to make it simpler for young daters to put themselves out there. Twenty-three dating trends that you might not be […]

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Modern Love: 7 Dating Slangs as Described by ChatGPT | Relationships News

February 21, 2023

Dating slang: The dating game has changed and so there are new terms for every new dating scenario in 2023. With the assistance of ChatGPT, we’ve put together a helpful guide to all the new dating terms you should be aware of to ensure that you never confuse grafting and lurking, sexting and soft launching. […]

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