Kantara box office collections

Rishab Shetty’s ‘Kantara’ completes 100 days in Hindi market, makers express gratitude | Regional News

January 22, 2023

New Delhi: Hombale Films’ Kantara is still one of the biggest films of 2022 and without doubt, its legacy will be remembered in years to come. It’s been 100 days since Kantara was released in Hindi and the way its plot has caught the audience’s attention and spread like a wildfire, it’s absolutely incredible.   […]

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Kamal Haasan calls ‘Kantara’ a great example, Prithviraj Sukumaran wishes he was a part of the film | Regional News

December 12, 2022

New Delhi: The audience has enjoyed a very content-rich voyage in 2022 and several movies left a lasting impression on the viewers. One film which has actually managed to garner love from the audience is Hombale Films’ Kantara. The film has catered to the Pan India audience and has served a storyline unlike any.   […]

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Rishab Shetty’s ‘Kantara’ to premiere on OTT from THIS date! | Regional News

November 23, 2022

Mumbai: Prime Video today announced the exclusive worldwide digital premiere of the Kannada blockbuster Kantara. The story of Kantara is set around a small community living in the woodlands of Kaadubettu in the southern coastal state of Karnataka. Weaving an interesting plot of human versus nature conflict, where death leads to war between villagers and […]

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Kantara remains UNBEATABLE, crosses monumental mark of Rs 400 cr at worldwide Box Office collections! | Regional News

November 22, 2022

New Delhi: No one would have thought, that a story originating from regional grounds will go on to book such a phenomenal global presence. Kantara is that cinematic wonder that comes once in a lifetime and goes on to create a rage. Ever since its release, the film has been ringing the books of the […]

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Kantara continues to RULE at the box office, crosses Rs 80 cr in Hindi market! | Regional News

November 21, 2022

New Delhi: Hombale Films ‘Kantara’ is conquering multiple milestones with its constant rise. First in Kannada and then in the Pan India market, the film is making history all over. Moreover, its growth in the Hindi market has created examples of its success ever since its release on 14 October. The growth figures for the […]

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Kantara’s WILDFIRE continues, Hindi version sets ablaze Box Office with Rs 64.35 cr earnings! | Regional News

November 8, 2022

New Delhi: The rage of Hombale Films ‘Kantara’ is constantly spreading all across the nation while the film is garnering all the love from the audience and the critics. First in Kannada then in the Pan India market, the film is constantly on the rise, be it the craze among the audience or the box […]

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Rishab Shetty’s ‘Kantara’ becomes unstoppable, collects Rs 62.35 Cr in Hindi market! | Regional News

November 7, 2022

New Delhi: Hombale Films ‘Kantara’ has been creating examples of its success ever since it was released in the theaters garnering immense love from the audience and the critics. First in Kannada then in the Pan India market, the film is constantly on the rise, be it the craze among the audience or the box […]

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Kantara actor-director Rishab Shetty opens up on Western influence in Bollywood, says, ‘We need to see what their values and…’ | Regional News

November 6, 2022

New Delhi: Kantara has been a success story like no other. Based on regional Kannada folklore, Rishab Shetty’s film is a visual treat for the audience. The film has shown tremendous growth at not just the Kannada box office but also in the Hindi market. In just its Hindi version, the film has crossed Rs […]

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Kantara Hindi version SKYROCKETS to Rs 53.7 cr, continues successful run at Box Office! | Regional News

November 5, 2022

New Delhi: The growth of Hombale Films ‘Kantara’ has skyrocketed since the time it was released and with everyday passing by, more and more people from the audience are watching. After winning  hearts of millions in Kannada and Hindi versions, its box office collections are witnessing a constant rise every day. Kantara Hindi has constantly […]

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Union Minister Piyush Goyal praises Rishab Shetty’s ‘Kantara’, says, ‘film showcases the culture of Karnataka’ | Regional News

November 2, 2022

New Delhi: Hombale Films ‘Kantara’ is a film that does not need any introduction now. Having its name spread all over the globe, the film is constantly creating examples of its success. While the film has ruled the hearts of the masses, it has earned great reviews from critics, celebrities, and many dignitaries from different […]

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