Cillian Murphy is game to play Ken in Barbie sequel: Let’s read the script and have a conversation’ | English Movie News – Times of India

July 25, 2023

Barbie and Oppenheimer have been holding centerstage ever since their release in theatres across the world on July 21. The two films are as different as chalk from cheese, but nevertheless, ‘Barbenheimer’ has been trending worldwide ever since. Cillian Murphy, who has been garnering rave reviews for his portrayal of physicist J Robert Oppenheimer, the […]

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‘Barbie’ star Ryan Gosling bows down to BTS’ Jimin; gifts him a guitar for breaking ‘Ken Code’ | English Movie News – Times of India

July 20, 2023

Ryan Gosling is extending an olive branch to BTS‘ Jimin for breaking the sacred ‘Ken Code’.Ahead of the highly anticipated release of his film ‘Barbie‘, Gosling took over the film’s official social media handle to post a video sending out a heartfelt apology from one Ken to another.Fans of the K-pop supergroup BTS noted that […]

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Ryan Gosling couldn’t wait to become Ken in ‘Barbie’: I felt like I was seeing myself, I felt seen – Times of India

July 14, 2022

Hollywood star Ryan Gosling was just as excited as large swaths of the internet were when he was introduced to what he would look like playing Ken in the upcoming ‘Barbie’ film. “Finally,” he told Variety, at the premiere of his new action film ‘The Gray Man’, “Finally, it’s happening. This has been coming my […]

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