Laththi Movie Review: An okayish cop action drama that’s engaging in parts

December 22, 2022

Laththi Movie Synopsis: Muruganandam, a constable and laththi specialist, happens to face the wrath of a notorious gangster and his son. Little did he know that this would put his 10-year-old son’s life in trouble. Laththi Movie Review: Not often do you get to watch a cop action drama that refrains from resorting to the […]

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Raja Raja Chora Movie Review: Quirky tale of a thief and his hilarious escapades

August 19, 2021

Story: Bhaskar is a petty thief who steals to make ends meet. What happens when he takes the advice of a mother-figure to pull off his next robbery? Review: Hasith Goli makes a stellar debut with Raja Raja Chora, choosing to treat this like a tale of redemption instead of a vehicle to show off […]

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