Minissha Lamba: Rains are romantic and there is a certain peace with them – Times of India

The monsoon has fans everywhere as folks love the cool climate and the beautiful greenery that it brings. Minissha Lamba can’t get enough of the season, too. She talks of what the best part of the monsoons is, to her. Says the Bollywood actress, “I love the fact that everything is wiped clean in the monsoons. The dust disappears, the weather cools and it’s so romantic. The sound of rain falling is soothing to me, I like to spend time soaking in that serenity. I also find the rains very romantic. There is a certain peace with the rains.”

‘For my rainy holiday, I pack as I would for semi-winters’
Like many people, the weather also drives her to make a short getaway to a scenic spot. She affirms, “I do love taking off at this time. Somewhere more removed from concrete and more with nature.” And she’s also got her prep in place for her rainy holiday. Here’s her cue on what to do. She says, “Well, I pack like would for semi-winters as I feel really cold. Some gumboots for being outdoors, an umbrella of course, as well as a head-to-toe transparent raincoat with a hoodie are a must-have for me.” “I also have never driven myself anywhere. I have always gone with friends in their car,” she adds.


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