Bigg Boss OTT: Akshara Singh claims ‘Karan Johar is biased’, says ‘they planned everything’ | Television News

NEW DELHI: In the latest ‘Sunday Ka Vaar’ episode of Bigg Boss OTT, host Karan Johar took everyone by surprise when he announced the elimination of two contestants – Akshara Singh and Milind Gaba. And now, the popular Bhojpuri actress, who is finally out of the house, has accused the host and the show makers of being biased towards her. 

Speaking to Bihar Tak, Akshara claimed that she was projected into a negative light and accused the noted director-producer, who is hosting the OTT version of Bigg Boss, of being biased. “Mujhe lagta hai ye pre-planned tha ki mujhe ye hafte mein ya ye din nikal dena chahiye bahar. Toh inhone nikal diya. Wo bhi blame kar ke, 15 din pehle ki baat. Mujhe jaan booch k negative bana diya gaya aur inka pre-planned tha ki ye din pe isko nikalna hai. Toh sath me do logo ko nikal diya jaye,” she told Bihar Tak. (Everything was pre-planned. They had decided before that they wanted to throw me out on this day or week. I was portrayed in a negative light and they pre-planned the exit of two contestants.)

As per the channel, when the actress asked if she feels that Karan Johar was being biased. she nodded her head in agreement and said, “Biased hai, biased hai. Decison jo hai wo biased hai.”

On the ‘Sunday Ka Vaar’ episode, KJo was seen addressing the inappropriate remark passed by Akshara on Neha Bhasin. The Bhojpuri actress had previously remarked about Neha, “Bus taang aise kholne aata he.” Akshara, however, justified her statement that her intentions were not evil and added that this is how people at her region speak. (Hamare yaha aise hi bolte hai.) However, her justification left contestants and host Karan Johar further enraged and the actress received backlash. 

Meanwhile, Akshara’s fans were furious over her elimination and they accused the show makers of playing with audience emotions. “Lets all akshara fans come together now.  From today onwards lets boycott the show we will not watch this on voot. And let the trp fall Thn they will realise wht they have done They’ve played with audience emotions #BiggbossOTT #bbott #AksharaSingh,” wrote one of the users. 


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