Kaptaan on Sidharth Shukla’s demise: One can only imagine the pain that Shehnaaz Gill must be going through – Times of India

They say that the deceased’s soul rests in peace, while the people left behind mourn in his memories forever. This is exactly what is happening with Shehnaaz Gill right now after Sidharth Shukla’s demise. The actress lost one of her closest friends, she lost someone who was so special to her. The void created in her life is simply irreplaceable. These are not just our words, but Punjabi lyricist duo Kaptaan a.k.a Taranjeet Singh, and Manpreet Singh also feel this way. Thus, while speaking to ETimes, Kaptaan mentioned that one can only imagine the pain that Shehnaaz Gill must be going through right now.

“The news of Sidharth’s passing away is proof of how life is so unpredictable. He was one incredible actor, and after the reality show, he was getting new opportunities. On the personal front, his bond with Shehnaaz Gill used to look so adorable. It appeared as if he had everything going right for him, and then we heard this news of his demise. It’s shocking, disheartening, we really don’t have words to describe it,” said Kaptaan.

“Also, we are someone who didn’t know the guy personally, and on the other hand, Shehnaaz called him her family. One can only imagine the pain that girl must be going through right now. On top of that, the way the paparazzi behaved, wasn’t right. We understand it was their job to cover everything, but they should have been more sensitive especially during times like these,” added the duo.
Shehnaaz was seen breaking down at Sidharth Shukla’s funeral. She was crying inconsolably and if reports are to be believed, during the last rites of the actor, Shehnaaz was seen calling him out, still thinking that he might hear her voice and get up.

“Coming out of a tragedy like this, can not be easy, but we believe in Shehnaaz and we totally support her. The same goes for Sidharth’s family, his mother, and his sister. The pain of losing a child is again something we can not even begin to imagine. May just bless these souls with courage and strength. Waheguru!,” concluded Kaptaan with a heavy heart.


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