Bhoot Police Review: A childish horror comedy

Story: The film follows ghost hunting Tantriks — brothers Vibhooti (Saif Ali Khan) and Chiraunji (Arjun Kapoor), who are hired to capture a demon that has allegedly haunted a tea estate in the gorgeous hills of Himachal.

Review: The tea estate is owned by the sisters Maya (Yami Gautam) and Kanu (Jacqueline Fernandez). Vibhooti’s career goals comprise women (any type is my type, he says) and money. The younger brother wishes to take the legacy of his revered late father (Ullat baba) forward by doing the good work. Can the two help the wealthy-turned-bankrupt sisters, from the aatma that hunts at night?

Director Pavan Kirpalani’s horror comedy has its moments but the childishness outruns the quirkiness. Relevant one-liners on nepotism and references to go-corona-go are hilarious. The setting and idea, grab your attention at the outset. Saif Ali Khan speaking an unknown village dialect with an anglicised accent, in that unique Saif voice is unintentionally funny. His knack of going for unheroic characters, off the beaten track is admirable. But intent and attempt can be amusing to a point. His performance leaves you conflicted here. He comes across as an odd mix of trying too hard to be funny and not trying at all to be invested in his character. Arjun and Yami are sincere, the only actors to have understood the assignment. Jacqueline and Saif seem more like tourists in Dharamshala, who chose to act in this film as a pastime.

Stree was a fine example of merging elements of horror and comedy without making either look frivolous. Bhoot Police hopes to mock the dhongi babas who dupe people. It hopes to mock superstitions and blind faith and eventually mocks its own premise. The story isn’t an issue as much as the inconsistent thought behind it.

While almost everything fails, the only comedienne, who truly makes an impression here is Johnny Lever’s talented daughter Jamie Lever. Her character singing Aishwarya Rai’s dreamy romantic number ‘Aao Na’, while her husband struggles to take a dump has you rolling with laughter. If you must watch this film, watch it for her.


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