Shah Rukh Khan’s Son Aryan Khan Arrest in drugs case to Bollywood debut: 5 Times Aryan Khan made headlines

When SRK was asked about his son’s debut, he revealed that Aryan is not keen on being an actor, and even he feels the same. “I don’t think he has what it takes to be an actor perhaps and he realized it himself”. King Khan also shared that Aryan doesn’t want to act primarily because he’ll be compared with him (SRK) every time. ”Every time I’ll be compared to you. If I do well, it will not be because I got skilled at this. It will be, ”Oh, obviously he’s his son, so he will do well. It’s in the genes!”.” And he said, ”If I don’t do well it’ll always be, ”My God, look at him. What his father did and look at him. What he is doing!”.” So he says I don’t want to be in this position.”


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