Lee Min Ho’s ‘The Heirs’ actor Choi Jin Hyuk exits from show after flouting COVID-19 safety regulations – Times of India

South Korean actor Choi Jin Hyuk will be stepping down from his ongoing project after he was embroiled in a controversy for violating COVID-19 safety norms.

On Thursday, ‘The Heirs’ actor’s agency G-Tree Creative issued a statement apologizing on his behalf. They revealed that the actor had unknowingly visited a bar that remained open illegally, as per COVID-19 prevention regulations.

According to Soompi, it read, “On October 6, Choi Jin Hyuk violated COVID-19 prevention regulations while meeting up with an acquaintance. Choi Jin Hyuk’s acquaintance took him to a bar that he said could stay open until 10 p.m., and Choi Jin Hyuk had no idea that the bar was open illegally. Therefore, he mistakenly thought that there would be no problem with staying there until 10 p.m.”

“He ended up at that place because his acquaintance recommended it while they were looking for a quiet place to talk. However, because it was a bar that was not allowed to be open under the current level of social distancing guidelines, he was caught for violating COVID-19 prevention regulations at about 8:20. He is truly ashamed of his ignorance and wrongdoing in not properly checking the COVID-19 prevention guidelines and not being more vigilant, and he is aware that there is no excuse for his behavior. With his head bowed, he apologizes” it continued.

They further stated, “Choi Jin Hyuk is reflecting deeply and will be mindful not to repeat this kind of mistake ever again in the future. As an agency, we will also always do everything we can to manage our celebrities.”

With Choi Jin Hyuk taking a hiatus, he will be stepping down from the ongoing variety show ‘My Little Old Boy’ by SBS. He is currently appearing as a regular cast member of the show. However, the makers will now edit him out from the show as much as possible for the upcoming episodes.

Choi Jin Hyuk was last seen in a cameo role for Shin Hye Sun starrer ‘Mr Queen.’


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