Neena Gupta: Masaba has taught me a lot. I never talked to my mother about anything! – Times of India

Neena Gupta’s daughter Masaba owns one of the most sought-after fashion labels and has had her share of media attention. Neena, in her autobiography ‘Sach Kahun Toh’, touches upon the topic of her daughter very sensitively. At one point, she even shares her innermost dilemmas, writing, “Sometimes I wonder what should I teach my daughter. Should I tell her to settle with a man and start a family? Should I tell her to do things that I couldn’t do because of the choices I made? Or should I tell her to work hard and focus on her career?”

During the course of an interaction with Vinita Dawra Nangia, the Times LitFest Director the actress admitted that these days, the opposite happens and that instead of teaching her daughter anything, she learns a lot from her. “The one thing she has taught me is social media and how to behave there! She has also taught me to be non-judgemental. One day, I told her how a person had said some stuff to me, and that I thought she is not a nice person. But Masaba told me, ‘Mom, she is like that. Why are you being judgemental about her, let her be.’ It’s the little things she tells me that make me realise I am getting unnerved about something trivial,” pointed out Neena.

How did Masaba respond to the revelations in Neena’s book? “I think she knows my life story so well that…. I don’t think she has even read it yet! I have never hidden anything from her,” the actress shared.

They indeed sound like friends with no secrets between them, rather than a typical mother-daughter duo. However, when asked if she shared the same rapport with her own mother, the actress revealed, “My generation is much more friendly with children than my mother’s. I never talked to my mother about anything”. Neena’s mother, as revealed in the book, was a disciplinarian who wanted Neena to study and get her degrees. She also wanted her to join the IAS. However Neena also reveals that her mother loved her a lot, and this she knows by the way her mother insisted on her education and the fact that she took her back every time Neena went against her and made a mistake!


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