Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend to take strict legal action against death threats and invasion of privacy – Times of India

South Korean actor Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend announced legal action against personal attacks, life threats and even invasion of privacy ever since she opened up about the actor.

The unnamed ex-girlfriend who accused Kim Seon Ho of coercing her abortion followed by further gaslighting and emotional abuse, claimed to be the victim of netizens and fans who reportedly doxxed her personal information and released them online without consent.

Her legal representative said in a statement, “On a number of news sites, social media, and online communities, the ex-girlfriend’s identity and personal information have currently been made public without consent. False facts and malicious comments have also been posted. The threats to her personal safety have also not ceased. She’s currently experiencing mental distress to the point it’s difficult for her to go about her daily life. As she’s an ordinary citizen, we ask for the slander and speculation to stop as to prevent further harm against her. Please refrain from interview requests as well.”

Previously, the ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ actor’s ex-girlfriend had responded to his apology. Acknowledging Kim Seon Ho, she wrote in a post, “I’m sorry that my writing seems to have unintentionally caused damage to many people. There was a time where (Kim Seon Ho) and I truly loved each other. I don’t feel good watching him collapse in the moment due to some of my extreme posts.”

“I received an apology from him, and it seems like there were some misunderstandings between us. I hope that no more false content will be released and no more details about his and my relationship will be reproduced and spread. There is a weight on my mind because this incident seems to have caused a lot of damage to many people. I will take this post down soon” she added.

Meanwhile, Kim Seon Ho has been dropped from his upcoming films, a show and even ongoing promotions/advertisements in light of his past relationship controversy.

His agency, Salt Entertainment has also shared an official apology on the actor’s behalf.


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