When Esha Deol called Dharmendra ‘possessive’, revealed he didn’t allow sister Ahana and her to wear sleeveless tops and shorts – Times of India

Esha Deol shares a great bond with her beloved father Dharmendra. Although the veteran star has always been supportive of Esha’s choices, it was not always the case.

In a throwback interview with Simi Garewal on her chat show, a young Esha had revealed that Dharmendra never wanted her to come into films. According to him, dancing was okay but not films. She also added that the senior actor was very possessive about her sister Ahana and her. They were apparently not even allowed to wear sleeveless tops and shorts.

Elaborating further, Esha added that Dharmendra has always been concerned about what they do. It was because of her mother Hema Malini that they managed to go out for sports and all.

Esha recently made her debut as a producer on an OTT platform with ‘Ek Duaa’. She received positive reviews for the same from the audience and the critics alike.

In her recent interview with ETimes, Esha had opened up about her parents giving them a normal upbringing despite their super stardom. She said, “Yes, my parents are superstars. They are legends but both of them have been excellent in bringing us up in a humble and down to earth manner with a lot of discipline, sanskaar and respect towards our elders. I give them the complete credit of giving us a normal childhood. Even in the school that they sent us, we were treated all normally and not as star kids. I travelled in rickshaws. I played a lot of sports back then. We had to go to these tournaments at various places in our country so we all travelled by train. People who know me today know that I can be as normal as I can be.”


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