Exclusive! Yami Gautam Dhar: I wore a beautiful red sari, which was a gift to me by Aditya – Times of India

Yami Gautam Dhar is marking her many firsts post her shaadi with director Aditya Dhar this year. While she opened up about her Diwali celebrations to Bombay Times, in the chat she also spoke at length about her first Karwa Chauth celebrations at home with her hubby. The actress had shared a beautiful picture on social media.

Shedding more light on the same, she says, “I wore a beautiful red sari, which was a gift to me by Aditya. I’ve always loved red as a colour especially when the occasion is very Indian-festive. I feel red can never fail during such auspicious occasions. It is a very powerful colour. I was fasting and everybody took good care of me.”

Yami thanks her mother for being there on the day and is also mesmerised with how her mother has been celebrating the festival through the years. “I feel mothers are blessed with magical powers. Since childhood I have seen my mom fast on the day and prepare sargi for herself in case my grandma wasn’t around. She would do the katha by herself and get together with the aunties of the neighbourhood to see chand. I always wondered where she got her energies from to cook pahadi feast while she is fasting on the day.”

She further adds, “This year I had a shoot that got cancelled and I took to celebrating this day in full swing. My mother-in-law and Aditya were excited about it. I was glad my mom was home too as I could learn the rituals from her properly. I loved the vermicelli mom used to cook on this day and I tried to match up to her cooking skills this year.”


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