Elli AvrRam: Playing the piano fees like balm to the soul, I love it – Times of India

Elli AvrRam has a hobby that not many know about. She is passionate about playing the piano and that actually goes back many years. Talking about her love for the instrument, the Bollywood actress says, “I actually used to play the piano as a kid, just briefly, and then I stopped as I didn’t have the time, though it had always been there at the back of my mind. All three of my cousins are amazing when it comes to playing the piano and I am really impressed by them. And a few years ago, back home in Sweden, we were all having lunch with the whole family one day and I said, ‘Oh, please you have to teach me to play’. I sat down with my cousin Sofia and she started to teach me and that’s when I realised that it’s just so soulful. For some reason, it feels like a balm to your soul. I completely enjoy playing.”

‘Though I am a beginner, playing the piano boosts me’

However, Elli says she’s just getting started with it. “I’m just a complete beginner right now. There’s so much to learn, but whatever little I play, I really enjoy it. It boosts me up immediately. I take private classes and that is how I am learning.”

There’s a beautiful piano at her home and the actress has shared a picture on her Instagram account with it. She goes on to say, “I got my piano this year in fact, because there was a certain model I had in mind. I was very clear I wanted a white piano, but when I started to look for one, I was not able to get it. The music stores here said that it was tough to get a white piano in India. But I kept my patience, and this year, I suddenly saw it on a site and realised this is just the one I wanted. So, it’s here now and I play when I can. I have to say, it also suits my home a lot.”


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