Hema Malini reacts to Maharashtra minister’s comment comparing roads to her cheeks: I don’t think it is in good taste – Times of India ►

Hema Malini has reacted strongly to Maharashtra water supply and sanitation minister Gulabrao Patil’s recent comment, comparing smooth roads in his constituency Jalgaon district to her cheeks. “A trend of such statements was started by Lalu Ji years ago and many people have followed this trend. Such comments are not in a good taste,” MP Hema Malini told ANI.

“One should not do this. If the normal people are talking such things you cannot adjust that but if a Member of Parliament or anybody connected to our constituency, I don’t think it is in good taste. Any woman should not be used for saying such things,” she further stated said. After facing flak, the Maharashtra minister issued an apology, stating that he did not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Hema Malini had recently opened up about her personal life and her married life with Dharmendra. Speaking to a news portal, the veteran actress had shared that the best thing about her husband was that he never stopped her from working. She added that both of them respect each other’s work and share a great understanding. Hema Malini shared that they are close and yet they follow their individual paths, they also give each other space, which has enhanced their relationship.


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