Pooja Bhatt: Being off camera for around 19 years gave me an insight into life – Times of India

Pooja Bhatt, who returned to acting after 19 years with Sadak 2 and a web show, will soon be seen in R Balki’s psychological thriller, Chup, which also features Sunny Deol. Ask the actress if she regrets taking such a long break from acting, and she says, “The last 19 years of being off camera gave me an insight into life and about myself. Being just a heroine for all this while wouldn’t give me that insight. From an actress, I became a filmmaker. I had my share of hits and flops, I saw my ups and downs and it helped me grow. Likewise, for any amount of love or money I am not
going to put myself in a situation where I associate with people who I don’t respect. I never did it when I was 26, and I won’t do it when I am 49.”

Though she sees a positive change in the industry, she also points out how things have become too mechanical. Pooja says, “During our time, as actors, we worked in a more organic manner, which is why our personalities came to the fore. Today, the situation is that industry folk prefer an assembly line kind of response to things. Many

actors follow the mandate where they are told what to say and what not to say. At my time, I never did that, and I am not going to do that even now.”


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