Krishna Shroff: Kashmir is one of my fave places, I love snow! – Times of India

December is a time for ice and snow and Krishna Shroff enjoyed the best of that on her trip to Kashmir. She headed there recently and has been sharing a postcard-pretty pics of the scenery on her Instagram account, looking stylish in her winter gear. Talking about her holiday, the fitness enthusiast says, “Yes, I was in Kashmir for a little vacation post the mixed martials arts competition. I’m here for five days.”

It must have been absolutely beautiful there! Is she someone who loves snow? Says Krishna, “It is! This has got to be one of my favourite places I’ve visited till date. Everywhere you look is so serene and it’s the exact amount of peace and quiet I need when I want to get out of the city. And yes, I loveee snow! I’d choose being cold over hot any day.”

Taking in nature’s beauty

Known to enjoy travelling, she must love adventure as well? “Absolutely!” she replies, “I look for a little, if not a lot of adventure everywhere I visit. I much prefer that than the usual sightseeing when I’m on holiday.” She went to a few must-see places. “I visited Dal Lake in Srinagar, which was absolutely beautiful. In Gulmarg, I went snowmobiling up in the mountains,” she shares. In one picture which has a waterfall that has frozen over, Krishna captions the photo: “Officially in Paradise. 🌈” It’s sure to give you travel pangs!

Kashmir is also known for its delicious traditional food and Krishna loved having that. She admits, “The food here has been SUCH a highlight! I’ve already gained a kilo being here and it’s only been three days… totally worth it!”


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