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We are almost at the brink of the New Year and most folks have their plans in place on how and where they want to ring it in. Elli AvrRam also has decided with whom she will be celebrating on December 31. And it’s cute. Says the Bollywood actress, I will ring in 2022 in Mumbai at home with my little cat Charles, because my heart cannot let my little baby be alone when people will be bursting fireworks. He’ll be too scared. And so, like a responsible mother, one needs to protect and make sure their babies feel safe and good!”

‘I love travelling, but the last two years have made me such a gharwali, that I love being at home, dancing, writing…’

For someone who enjoys travel, the pandemic has changed that for Elli AvrRam. She says, I love travelling, but the last two years have made me such a gharwali that I love being at home, dancing, writing, and spending time with myself and Charles babu (her cat, Charles).” How would you describe 2021 in one word, if she had to, we ask? “Creative!” she says, adding, “Among the biggest blessings are that I got to work with the biggest superstars and I won Best Actress at Stockholm film city festival for my performance in a Swedish short film.”

She’s got a few things on her wish-list for 2022. She says, “I want to complete my three films and two new ones on a happy note, making sure I’ve created magical joyful moments. I also want to express and share my other creative or artistic sides, that I’ve been shy about expressing, but let that a surprise!” And if she had one wish for the new year, what would that be?
She adds, “That the virus woes come to an end, and humanity comes together as one, once and for all.”


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