How I Met Your Father Season 1 Review: This reboot was just not required

STORY: The series begins in the year 2050 when Sophie has aged and decides to tell her son the story of how she met his father. The plot then goes back to the present era where Sophie and her bunch of young friends try to navigate life in New York that also includes falling in love in the age of dating apps.

REVIEW: ‘How I Met Your Father’ is inspired by the hit series ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and is a spin-off and at the outset, it can be said that this series is an assault on senses. This comedy-drama is a desperate attempt to cash in on the success of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and fails miserably. While the original had spunk and charm, this series is clearly devoid of any such virtue. Even the influence of ‘Friends’ is clearly plastered all over the series in form of the bunch of friends who stay together most of the time, the set or the milieu of the locations.

This review is based on the first two episodes of the series and it’s evident that hard-core fans of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ won’t be too pleased with the way the show has been conceived including its sub-par laughter quotient. The show tries all the possible tricks to evoke laughter and as a source of inspiration even goes back to ‘Mind Your Language’ by including a Mexican, a British and an Indian. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ ran for 9 seasons and each season kept viewers glued to their screens also skimming 10 Emmy Awards during its course but this follow-up fails miserably in even adapting the concept. Viewership of this series to a large extent will depend upon how nostalgic you are about the original.

The series deals with Sophie (Hillary Duff) who is hopelessly romantic and is looking for dates on dating apps. She does meet Ian (Daniel Augustin) but just as things are about to gain momentum in the relationship, his work requires him to be in Australia. Even after his departure, Sophie is just not able to shrug off the brief time she spent with him. Her best friend Valentina (Francia Raisa) meanwhile does her best to ensure that she gets into a relationship again.

Director Pamela Fryman who also directed most of the episodes of HIMYM is way off the target in this sequel. While watching the episodes, it’s apparent that Hilary Duff has put a lot into her character but there is only as much one can do to a character who for the most part remains loony. One feels good to see Suraj Sharma in a meaty role in a ‘blue chip’ American series. Don’t raise your expectations too much from this comedy show and you won’t be disappointed. ‘How I Met Your Father’ is a bearable one-time watch.


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