Madhubala’s sister Madhur Bhushan on Dilip Kumar-Madhubala’s tragic love story: ‘He visited her in the hospital and said that they’ll work together again’ – #BigInterview – Times of India

Madhubala’s younger sister Madhur Bhushan is in a tell-all mood: How and why Dilip Kumar-Madhubala ended their love story? Did you know about Dilip Kumar‘s hospital visit to see the ailing Madhubala? And why was Madhubala’s father against her romance with Premnath?

Madhur Bhushan also talks about the unfortunate torment of her 96-year-old sister Kaniz. And yes, why did her sisters not allow Imtiaz Ali to make a biopic on Madhubala? See the video interview.

Excerpts from the conversation that transpired:

Your sister Mrs Kaniz Balsara was packed off alone from Auckland (New Zealand) by her daughter-in-law Sameena…
Kaniz is 96. How can a 96-year-old woman be treated like this? I know people have sour feelings about someone or the other in their lives. But we have to learn to let it pass. How can we continue holding those feelings? I just don’t understand her daughter-in-law Sameena’s attitude on how she could do this. Sameena has 2 kids and they all were happy when my nephew (Kaniz’s son, Farook) was alive. After Farook’s demise, Kaniz could have been easily allowed to retire in one corner of that house which is actually huge.

Have you gone and met your sister, Mrs Kaniz Balsara, afer her daughter Perveez Shomjee took her home from the Mumbai airport? (ETimes broke that story, FIRST and EXCLUSIVE (Click below to read it)

Yes, I met her. She is dozing off for long periods. She is simply wondering what has happened. As for me talking to Sameena, she and I have never had any contact. Imagine, February 14 is Madhubala’s birthday. Think about what her soul must be feeling looking at Kaniz’s condition.

What are your earliest memories of Madhubala?
I was very young (age difference: 16 years) when she entered movies. Our father never allowed us to go out much. But since you ask, I must tell you that my early memories of Madhubala are only of an immensely beautiful face. As I grew up, I realised she was a very loving and caring woman. Certainly not like Sameena, who even usurped Kaniz’s property and jewellery. What an inhumane act by Sameena!

Your father was very strict…
I wouldn’t say he was strict. He was very protective about his daughters. He was a very dedicated father.

Was your father happy when Madhubala entered the film-world?
Circumstances compelled my father to take this decision. He had many children and he lost his job. Alongside, Madhubala loved dancing in front of the mirror and kept cajoling him to allow her to become an actor.

Your favourite Madhubala movie?
The world knows that Mughal-E-Azam is an immortal movie. ‘Taraana’, ‘Sangdil’ also stood out. My favourite No.1 is none other than Mughal-E-Azam; it was a very special film.

Mughal-E-Azam reminds me of Madhubala’s love story with Dilip Kumar…
Yes, they were together for 9 years.

naya daur

What was the exact reason that made them go different ways? A few say that they were still in touch after the break-up and Madhubala wanted Dilip Kumar to apologise to your father…
If you believe me, it was the ‘Naya Daur’ case that created wedges between them. Tempers flared and things got bad. Shayad Allah ko manzoor nahin tha aur unka pyaar khatam ho gaya.

Dilip saab had come home after that and yes, Madhubala did ask him to say ‘sorry’ to our father. But Dilip saab termed him as ‘dictator and difficult’.

Madhubala reminded Dilip saab that he’d never behaved like that with him. My father liked Dilip Kumar. If he hadn’t liked Dilip Kumar, would he have given his consent to his daughter’s love story?


BR Chopra wanted to shoot a large portion of ‘Naya Daur’ in Gwalior and your father insisted on Mumbai…
No, there was nothing about ‘Naya Daur’ being shot in Mumbai. My father only wanted BR Chopra to not shoot in the hilly areas in the neighborhood of Gwalior. A few women had been assaulted there few days prior to the shooting and my father wanted Madhubala to be safe.

My father was upset that Dilip Kumar sided BR Chopra in the case that he’d filed against us. If she wanted him to apologise to our father, what was wrong in that? Buzurgon se maafi lene mein problem kya hai? Anyway, I have no complaints. Not against Dilip saab, not against his wife Saira Banu ji.


Post their break-up, Madhubala and Dilip Kumar pulled off the ‘feather scene’ in ‘Mughal-E-Azam’ with so much passion and conviction…
Because they loved each other too much. If love is in the heart, it pours out from the eyes. Where does love start? It starts in the eyes only na, when A sets his/her eyes on B for the first time?

It’s said Madhubala wasn’t too happy in her marriage with Kishore Kumar
Kishore da had no time. He was travelling a lot. He was very busy with his shows and recordings. On the other hand, Madhubala had been told by the doctors that she had only two years to live. She cried a lot in loneliness. Humne toh heera kho diya (we lost a gem). And, you know what?


The same sister who was put on the flight from New Zealand, Kaniz, was against the making of a biopic on Madhubala. Not just she, even my other sisters didn’t want it. I explained to them that they won’t get featured. I told them that the story was only on Madhubala and not them. The makers were ready to give them letters promising that. But they did not agree.

The biopic was going to be helmed by a famous director, Imtiaz Ali…


Whose idea was it to make the biopic?
The idea was mine and Imtiaz Ali came forward. He is a fine gentleman. He just got a bit scared and felt bad when he got a letter prohibiting him from making the biopic. He felt I knew that my sisters were not ready for it and I had withheld that information from him.

In fact, Kaniz’s letter of objection came first. I tried calling her in New Zealand but couldn’t get her on the line.

I am up for the biopic even now.

With the same director, Imtiaz Ali?
Yes, why not?

Before Dilip Kumar, Madhubala was in love with Premnath…
Yes. But in those days, Hindus and Muslims weren’t getting married. Today, times have changed. My father objected to their relationship, saying that he was answerable to the family.


Could Madhubala forget Premnath easily?
It wasn’t difficult for her. It was a short-lived relationship. Both wanted to pursue their career. It was like boy meets girl and they start dreaming about a future together.


Could Madhubala forget Dilip Kumar easily?
She never forgot him. In fact, he even came to Breach Candy Hospital when she was ailing and told her that they’ll work together again. He wasn’t married then. After his marriage, they never met.

He came to the graveyard but the burial was over. His family too came. They sent us food for the next three days. It was respect and no animosity.


Wonder if you read the book by Mohan Deep which said that Madhubala was in love with Latif Kumar Sinha, Pradeep Kumar, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Bharat Bhushan, Kamal Amrohi…

That was a very bad book. If my father was alive, the writer would have gone behind bars. My father always demanded proof, this time would have been no exception. I am not painting a certain nice image of my sister just because she was my sister. Plus, remember, a beautiful girl gets linked up very easily.

dilip madhu

In his autobiography ‘The Substance and The Shadow’, Dilip Kumar wrote that Madhubala filled a certain void that was crying to be filled…
What was the void in Dilip saab’s life? He was very well-placed in life. If he was hinting that my sister loved him too much, then it’s okay. I think it’s all someone’s imagination, bada chada ke likha gaya hai.

Which heroine of today’s times comes near to Madhubala?
Sorry to comment on this. Everyone is beautiful and talented today but nobody can replace Madhubala. She looked more beautiful without make-up. Oh, those were the days. Geetabali, Nargis… they all were so simple.

Its’ said that water could be seen going down Madhubala’s neck when she drank water…
Yes, water could be seen. Let me tell you one incident here. We had gone to see a film and we were served free snacks inside the auditorium. We asked the guy who’d brought the snacks that why has he done so. He said the reason was Madhubala’s presence in our midst. We told him that she wasn’t there; mind you she was sitting in a burkha. He replied that he had recognised her from her feet because nobody could have such beautiful feet. I repeat, nobody can replace my sister Madhubala.


It’s said that you all hid Madhubala’s ailment (a hole in the heart) for quite some time, else her career would’ve been jeopardised…
How was that possible? Kishore da was with her. Importantly, she was Madhubala. How could you hide anything about her? Yeh sab kahaaniyan hain. I am not defending my sister but I have only told you the truth. I am a God-fearing person.

I must conclude by saying that I am glad you asked me certain things that needed to be elaborated and clarified.


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