Anamika Season 1 Review: Sunny Leone shines in her new action-packed avatar as Anamika

STORY: Anamika (Sunny Leone) suffers from retrograde amnesia and has no memory of her life other than the fact that Dr. Prashant (Ayaz Khan) saved her from a fatal accident three years ago. And when she decides to move on in life with him, she is confronted with old acquaintances and foes who had previously assumed she was dead and are now attempting to track her down. With no memory of anything—and with only her gut instincts to go by—will Anamika be able to save herself from these powerful forces?

REVIEW: Without wasting any time, writer-director Vikram Bhatt plunges right into the story of Anamika, an amnesic girl caught between her past and the present. At the onset, the characters’ (Prashant and Anamika) journeys appear to be a little off and not-so-convincing. As a result, the storytelling takes some time to resonate with the viewers. However, once Anamika is immersed in the action and her past begins to reveal itself, the narrative becomes compelling and fast-paced.

Anamika has no recollection of her life before Dr. Prashant rescued her from a fatal accident three years ago and welcomed her into his home and heart. But, just as she is about to move on with him in life, they are attacked and she is forced to confront her past. Her enemies (a drug cartel) and former acquaintances (government officials) are now on the lookout for her. And there we learn that she is ‘Agent M—one of the bests’ (practically everyone uses these terms to describe a life she has no recollection of) and that she is in possession of sensitive information that must not be made public. Ravi Shrivastav (Rahul Dev), the head of secret government organisation, Data Collection Agency (DTA), and Agent Rhea (Sonnalli Seygall), are on a mission to eliminate Agent M. They are oblivious of the fact that Anamika has lost her memory, and hence, she has no idea who they are. So, the game of cat-and-mouse ensues to see who will make it to the finish line.

The look and feel of this mystery-thriller, especially the action sequences, have a West-esque vibe to it and it’s easier to trace the inspiration to several Hollywood thrillers and web series ranging from ‘Kill Bill’ to the ‘Jason Bourne’ series. And this eight-part action-packed saga, with episodes ranging in length from 25 to 30 minutes each, do full justice to the genre. The action sequences—choreographed by Moses Fernandes and Azaz Sattar Sheikh—are intense, especially between Rhea and Anamika, who are quite fierce and don’t let you blink. The scene in which Rhea is seen driving a truck and jumping off a bridge is quite extravagant. The editors (Kuldip Mehan and Sudhir Mehan) have kept each episode crisp and taut, which is interesting because situations and equations between the characters change in the blink of an eye.

Sunny Leone in and as Anamika engages the viewers in the thrilling encounters with the mafia and DTA Agents who are after her. One can really sit back and enjoy the action. Her training in a variety of combat (a combination of martial arts forms) is evident, especially in her movements and body language. While there is nothing exceptional in the plot which you haven’t seen before, it is still watchable for an earnest performance by Sunny. She breathes fire and is quick with getting rid of the baddies. However, emotional scenes, particularly her chemistry with Dr. Prashant, are still not her strongest suit. Overall, it’s a relief that her role isn’t limited to just being an object of the male gaze.

Sonnalli Seygall portrays another power-packed woman in the series. From gunfires to striking anyone down, Sonnalli is impressive as Rhea. Despite having very little screen time, Ayaz Khan couldn’t convincingly play a boyfriend who is both supportive and madly in love with Anamika. Among the rest of the cast, Samir Soni, Rahul Dev, Shehzad Shaikh play characters with distinctive personalities that propel the story forward and introduce some intriguing twists.

All said, ‘Anamika’ is an out-and-out Sunny Leone show about a spy gone rogue. It may not feature any surprises besides revealing her new avatar, but it’s thrilling enough to keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. In the end, many questions remain unanswered, providing ample hints that the mystery will be fully resolved in the following season.


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