Driftwood Band is catching eyes of every Indian music lover

Blue Tokai celebrates the best coffee India has to offer and has passionately supported Indian Art from since it’s inception. Since the Launch of The Play Bar Project in December 2021, Blue Tokai coffee shops now exclusively play music that showcase the work of contemporary Indian Musicians.

Driftwood Band, a Kolkata based electro pop duo comprising of singer-songwriter Nabanita Sarkar and guitarist-producer Atandra Chakraborty has been added to their playlist of contemporary Indian musicians starting March 1,2022.
The duo was formed as an online collaboration between two friends during the great pandemic of 2020. Nabanita explored the world of pop, synthwave, EDM via a borrowed keyboard while Atandra studied how to mix at home in Fl Studio. By the end of the year they released their first EP “Bloo” with four original tracks, among which “I’ve Got A Crush” and “Give Me A Call” were definite hits!

They printed and sold more than 50 physical copies and got a massive following online. The diy duo immediately started making music videos with the money they made. Nabanita led the video production crew, she directed and edited all of their music videos. Links below! The duo proceeded to work on more songs, recording in cupboards, cycling 30kms a day to practice with the curfew on street. Releasing another EP “Red” with 5 original tracks, produced by the band, mixed in a makeshift studio room at Atandra’s and mastered by FatCat Productions. Songs like “Coco Drank”, “I Like it” and “I Hate it” showcases their varied repertoire that contributed to such up-to-date and mature sound.

They blew away their fans with more music videos simultaneously, collaborating with talented musicians over the world. Standing in 2022, the duo is being recognised internationally and it’s only a matter of time they start performing regularly, live in your city. Follow their social media handles to get notified, book them in your city if you like!


And till then..

Go to your neighborhood Blue Tokai coffee shops across Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata to enjoy disco hits like “I’ve Got A Crush” and jazz hop tunes like “Coco Drank” and many more from the ever evolving duo.

Don’t forget to buy their music to show support to this fresh indie band!

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