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Sakshi Chopra, the internet sensation, Ramanand Sagar‘s great granddaughter, is in the US, and has settled there since quite some time. Her bold pictures have often set the internet on fire. A few days ago, we caught up with Sakshi on a zoom chat
(see the video below). She began, “I am working on a few singles and a few other projects with many musicians. My work should be out soon. I am working on a lot of songs on breakups and songs on how you feel when you’re lost in life.”

Continued Sakshi, “Life is more independent here, unlike the family-oriented structure in India. I definitely miss India and will come back soon. But yes, living alone here, I am working a lot more than I thought. I am discovering myself, even though I have grown a lot. I don’t want to be India’s Lady Gaga. I want to be India’s Sakshi Chopra.”

Talking about her bold pictures, Sakshi tells ETimes, rather bluntly, “I started posting pictures ever since I was 13. My pictures gave me my share of hate and it bothered me initially, but later I got immune to such stuff and started ignoring the trolls. These same pictures started giving me work; brands started collaborating with me and I started being called for events.”

Sakshi says that her parents knew from the day she turned 12 that she wanted to go abroad to pursue singing as a career. “They were not surprised. Due to advancement in technology, we can keep in touch every day on video calls.”

Was she a rebel in childhood? “Well, mom has always allowed me to lead my life the way I want. My parents have been divorced since I was four years old. So, Dad never said sh**,” she said and laughed.

Talking about her bold pictures, Sakshi said, “I think women should be allowed to dress how they want. It is stupid to judge each other just on basis of one piece of cloth. My mom did ask me why I am putting such pictures, but when I told her to let me be, she respected what I am.”

Sakshi’s mother and father, though legally separated when she was 4 years old, have no animosity towards each other. “I am in touch with my Dad. He is an astrologer and he says that I will become a big star only if I work hard. I am in touch with the Sagars. Recently, I caught up with them in the Sagar Villa in Mumbai.”

Buzz online is that Sakshi is dating a certain Rohit Golia. She laughed it off, “That’s hilarious and untrue. I am single now.” But has she had her share of relationships and break-ups, for song-writers often write what’s going on within them? “Yes, I have. LA (Los Angeles) is so different. Dating is very different here. It’s a very different culture. But it’s fun and I like it. My last break-up was about a year ago. We were together for a year and my mom had even flown down to meet the guy. It was good, until it wasn’t,” Sakshi signed off with a smile.


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