Fight in Deepika Padukone’s old building: Kunal Kohli’s wife Ravina sends a 10 cr defamation legal notice to neighbour – Exclusive! – Times of India


Deepika Padukone’s old building, quite a well-known set-up in Pali Hill, Cozy Home, at a stone-throw distance from Ranbir Kapoor’s under-renovation Krishna Raj, is witnessing an ugly fight. ETimes has it that filmmaker Kunal Kohli‘s wife Ravina has sent a 10 crdefamation legal notice against a neighbour Preeti Motwani.

Motwani resides in D-Wing, while Ravina and Kunal stay in C-Wing. Ravina is Cozy Home’s treasurer. Meena Kumari’s stepson Tajdar Amrohi is the owner.

To explain the story simply, Ravina has sent the notice in question to Motwani seeking an apology for accusing her of misappropriation of funds.

A source tells ETimes that Motwani got into the act when Tajdar Amrohi was paid Rs 1 crore by Cozy Home. Tajdar had run into a dispute of sorts with Cozy Home over his rights to Cozy Home, which were partly settled in the form of a 1 cr sum – an out-of-court settlement given in parts whose nature of payment did not go down well with Motwani. This happened about a year ago. When contacted, Motwani told us, “Don’t I have a right to question? Plus, we were resolving it all amicably just yesterday. I am surprised that Ravina has sent the defamation legal notice only in my name. I am the head of D wing, and E Wing does not have a head currently; so I have become the face of the D and E combine. But not only my wing which is D but even the E Wing had objections to Ravina’s handling of finance. Even some members from A and B had raised points. And mind well, we have objections also against the Managing Committee. In fact, we have filed three different sets of complaints against the Managing Committee with the Registrar,” and added, “I’ll reply to Ravina’s notice.”

Our source further reveals that post the stemming of the dispute, a signature campaign was carried out in Cozy Home and 85 per cent of the residents sided with Ravina and the managing committee.

Ravina, meanwhile, said, “I would not like to comment on this matter on a public platform since it concerns another woman. Being a woman myself, I would like to give the same respect that I would expect. What has been or will be said will be to the concerned authorities at the right time. Hope you and all concerned respect and understand my sentiments. But yes, I have sent the defamation notice that you are talking about.”



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