The Batman: Barry Keoghan’s terrifying first look as Joker REVEALED in 5-minute deleted scene from Robert Pattinson starter – WATCH – Times of India

The wait is finally over! The first look of Barry Keoghan as the Joker is out, and it is far from what any fan could have expected.

The makers on Thursday released a surprise 5-minute deleted scene from the Robert Pattinson starrer that features the Batman interrogating the Joker at Arkham Asylum. While the film only gave us a blurred glimpse of the character, the new clip gives us a terrifying close up look at the character and his distorted facial features.

Going by the clip, it seems that the deleted scene was set somewhere before Batman could catch the Riddler. In the clip, he reaches out to the clown prince of crime to help him catch the killer.

“I know who he is,” says the Joker.

When probed further by Bruce Wayne, he says, “He is a nobody, who wants to be somebody…”

He even goes on to torment the Batman saying, “Maybe he is a fan of yours? Or maybe he has got a grudge against you, or maybe you’re the main course… any theories?”

Watch the clip below:

The Batman deleted scene may not give a crystal clear look at Keoghan’s full Joker face, but it gives plenty of exciting glimpses of his horrifying smile, his scarred face and patchy head. One thing that echoes long after the clip ends, is Joker’s sinister laugh.

Director Matt Reeves also shared a still from the clip and captioned it saying, “Who gets the last laugh…?”

Barry then shared the post and wrote, “No words.”

Barry’s cameo from the film was leaked online, however, it comes nothing close to this version of the Joker. The clip has made fans root for the actor’s return as the main villain for ‘The Batman 2’ that is reportedly in talks after the global success of this film.

‘The Batman’ has thus far earned an estimated USD 600 million at the box office, making it the second-highest-grossing film post the pandemic.


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