Satish Kaushik talks about toxic lovers in films, compares Salman Khan’s ‘Tere Naam’ to Shahid Kapoor’s ‘Kabir Singh’ – Times of India

Satish Kaushik recently opened up about the portrayal of toxic lovers in films. The filmmaker also went on to compare Salman Khan starrer ‘Tere Naam’ to Shahid Kapoor’s ‘Kabir Singh’.

In an interview with a news portal, the director said that they will need to adapt to the times. Making the same film and getting the same performance out of Salman will be difficult. Kaushik also revealed that Salman always said the film is good and will definitely work. However, the character gives the wrong message in it. He also recalled that there was a debate on ‘Kabir Singh’ too, which according to him, was an adapted copy of ‘Tere Naam’.

Speaking about ‘Tere Naam’, the actor-filmmaker added that the guy is trying to tell the girl that he loves her, yet he is not ready to take no from her. That’s definitely not good. However, he also pointed out the fact that it is the culture in small cities even today, where a guy ends up running after a girl. According to him, as a filmmaker, your responsibility, whether you want to show such a love story or not, is a different issue altogether. One would definitely want to avoid that today. He added that you can’t fall in love with someone who’s said no to you. But that’s what passion was all about then, where you won’t take no from a person.

While ‘Tere Naam’ also starred Bhoomika Chawla in a lead role, ‘Kabir Singh’ starred Kiara Advani.


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