Tota Roy Choudhury on Oscars incident: If I was in Will Smith’s place I would have slapped Chris Rock 2-3 times – Times of India

Will Smith left everyone in shock at the Oscars stage when slapped comedian Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife. The video clip went viral instantly and stunned viewers as everyone was confused about whether it had been scripted or genuine.

The incident created a social media storm and not just fans but celebs across the world were split up as to whether Smith was right or wrong. Closer home in Kolkata, popular Tollywood actor Tota Roy Choudhury who has won so many awards over the years and attended countless award ceremonies feels that these anchors and show hosts often cross their limits while cracking jokes.

“Why just one? If I was in Will Smith’s place I would have slapped Chris 2-3 times. I believe Smith has done the right thing. I have seen how these anchors crack jokes on celebs and sometimes these jokes are not at all funny. Even these things happen at award ceremonies in Bengal as well. They simply don’t know where to stop. They keep saying whatever they want to say without even considering that this might hurt others’ sentiment,” shared Tota.

The popular actor further added, “Chris Rock might have earned thousands of dollars over the years but it doesn’t mean he can say anything on the stage. Smith’s wife is suffering from Alopecia and you can’t just make a joke about someone’s illness. It’s inhuman.” Tota also claimed one should respect others’ personal space and if someone doesn’t know it he should be taught a lesson.

Meanwhile, Will Smith on Monday offered his apologies to Chris Rock for slapping the comedian during the ceremony after the organizers revealed that they are launching a formal review of the incident. Smith was named best actor for his stupendous performance in the film ‘King Richard’.


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