‘KGF 2’ director Prashanth Neel praises ‘Beast’ trailer – Times of India

The trailer of Vijay’s ‘Beast’ was released last evening. The trailer released on April 2 satisfied the fans expectation that they had on the movie. Within seconds of its release, the trailer had more than 7 lakh views. Many film fraternities who watched the trailer, took to social media to express that they are awaiting the release of the film and a few even stated that they will watch the FDFS.

Now, ‘KGF 2’ director Prashanth Neel shared his views about the ‘Beast’ trailer on his social media. Replying to Nelson Dilipkumar’ post, he wrote, “Wow! Looks better than ever. Trailer looks amazing @Nelsondilpkumar @actorvijay


Earlier when ‘KGF 2’ trailer was released, Nelson reacted positively to that. He stated, “It’s massive and lit. can’t wait”. For which Prashanth Neel had replied “Thank you @Nelsondilpkumar, can’t wait to see @actorvijay sir on the big screen like I always do. All the best for #Beast”.

Look at their tweets here!

There was a huge commotion on social media as the two big films ‘Beast’ and ‘KGF 2 ‘will be releasing the same weekend with just a day in difference. ‘Beast’ is set to release on April 13 and ‘KGF 2’ will release on April 14.


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