‘Kacha Badam’ fame Bhuban Badyakar: Sudden fame and money offers had spun my head a bit – Times of India

Even after becoming an internet sensation for his viral song ‘Kacha BadamBhuban Badyakar desperately tries to stay grounded. It all started last year when a video of him singing the now famous ‘kacha badam’ as he roamed around villages on his motorbike was uploaded on YouTube and led to his instant stardom.

“I am still an average peanut seller from a rural village. The money that came my way suddenly had distracted me initially, and I bought a dream second-hand car, but then I realized it wasn’t really me. The accident was a reality check for me,” Badyakar revealed during a recent chat with ETimes.

He had bought the second-hand car while at the peak of his fame but then decided to sell it after an accident.

“I have now realized I don’t really need a car,” he says with an innocent smile which symbolizes the astonishing journey from obscurity to sudden fame. While Badyakar is recording new songs, performing at stage shows and handling the media glare his simple house in Birbhum shows no signs of his sudden rise to fame.

Bhuban also confesses that that sudden stardom and all those money offers somehow “spun” his head for some time but now he knows what he has to do to survive.

At some point, he had thought that there was no need to sell peanuts as so many offers of stage performances were coming in and he made some loose comments which he shouldn’t have done. “It was all my fault. I am not a celebrity. If needed I will again sell peanuts. Believe me I have always tried to stay down to earth. I am not used to handling these starry things and that’s why the celebrity remark was blown out of proportion,” adds the singer.

Meanwhile, after ‘Kacha Badam’, he has already composed two more songs and both are ready for release.

“I wrote two more songs – one is ‘Saregama’ and the other one on what happened after I bought a second-hand car, the accident and then deciding not to drive a car again. The song is titled ‘Amar Notun Gari’. Through this song I have tried to let people know about my views on life,” said Bhuban who was recently in Mumbai to record the second song.

As the conversation went on Badyakar revealed that he has received so many invites to perform in Kerala as well as Bangladesh and even offers came from Dubai, but he has no passport and also his wife doesn’t want him traveling abroad.


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